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By / Riley J. Mahaffey, Principal, P.E., LEED Associate, with Jared Keller,
Associate, P.E., Dana Hennis, S.E., P.E., and Nick Hrico, P.E.



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Bridge tours; the new family vacation?

St. Croix River, Minnesota












Jointing in Wall and Finish Framing

An inside look at jointing standards by Lochsa Engineering Principal, Riley Mahaffey, and Senior Project Engineer, Dana Hennis. 

BIM market projected to top $8.6 billion by 2020

Building information modeling is a process that involves the maintenance of digital data for communicating project decisions related to different issues such as designing, visualization, collaboration, a

Q&A with Mark Hedge, principal at Lochsa Engineering

Lochsa co-founder Mark Hedge talks shop in this Q&A article from March 2014.

Hershey's Chocolate World Wins Award

Lochsa Engineering of Nevada's structurally designed Hershey's Chocolate World in Las Vegas was awarded one of three international awards by the 2015 EuroShop Retail Design Award competition. Entries from around the globe were considered for these three awards. READ MORE

Guest Post: Anchor Provisions Undergo Significant Changes in the 2012 International Building Code

Our colleague, Andra Hoermann-Gast, MSc., Dip. Ing., from ICC Evaluation Service, wrote this information article regarding changes to the 2012 International Building Code. 

Please note this article is intended to provide information about the 2012 IBC significant changes to the provisions for anchors in concrete. It should not be construed as an endorsement or procedural recommendation by Lochsa Engineering or ICC-ES. 

Understanding Current Codes

As engineers, we are often accused of "over-engineering" projects.  We had the opportunity to present our side of the story to several different organizations including: Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau (NWCB), and the International Council of Shopping Centers' CenterBuild Conference.  One of our objectives as a firm is to educate our clients and colleagues for good of the design team.  Please feel free do download the information. 

Value Engineering in an Unstable Market

Las Vegas, Nevada is an international destination resort known for gambling, entertainment, nightlife and over-the-top glitz and glamour.  The use of neon lights, water features, flame effects and unusual architectural elements provides our visitors with an unforgettable experience.  The development of these unique attractions has always been an interesting challenge for Lochsa Engineering.  The recession and the associated impact to project funding further enhances this challenge.

VIDEO: Skywalk - Spirit of the Eagle

Special thanks to The Lincoln Electric Company for the use of this video.

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