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UNLV Student Recreation Center

With health and fitness so closely related and an aging Student Health Center in need of a major upgrade, the program for the new 185,000 square foot facility was a welcomed addition to the UNLV campus.  Featuring a well-equipped gym, multi-purpose courts, futsal, natatorium, Jacuzzi, health education offices, pharmacy, fitness assessment labs, exam rooms and counseling suites, the new facility

East Career Technical Academy

The East Career and Technical Academy is a four year comprehensive high school offering its students seven specialized career tracks.  Lochsa Engineering provided complete civil and flood control design, which included the design a of approximately 1.0 mile of storm drain system through the school campus, Hollywood Boulevard and Desert Inn Road to discharge into the Las Vegas Wash.  The storm d

Carolyn S. Reedom Elementary School

Lochsa Engineering provided the civil and flood control design for the 15-acre school site in the Mountains Edge master-planned community.  The flood control design efforts included the hydrologic modeling of the watershed impacting the site and perimeter streets, hydraulic design of a system of drop inlets and storm drain to intercept and convey storm flows to the existing Le Baron Channel.  T

University of Nevada Las Vegas Mendenhall Center

The Mendenhall Center will have a total of 38,000 square feet of space on three levels. Included will be two basketball courts, an academic area and film room, locker rooms, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and equipment areas.

Kermit Booker Elementary School

Lochsa Engineering provided civil and flood control design for this school addition at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Balzar Avenue, as well as floodplain management to satisfy the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) design requirement for the Las Vegas Wash floodplain (Zone A) through the site.  The project tasks included analyzing FEMA effective hydrologic models,

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