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Ascension Library Addition

The Monastery of the Ascension is a community of Benedictine monks which has been in Southern Idaho since 1965. These Monks strive to serve the Catholic Church, and the people of southern Idaho through various ministries which include parochial work, retreats, teaching and scholarship, ecumenical activities, counseling and spiritual direction, and social service. Wanting their theological library to be available to the community, the monks realized an addition to the existing building was in order.

This project consisted of a partial remodel and addition of a two-story library to an existing monastery.  The roof was constructed using plywood deck over TJI joists and Microlam beams. The existing floor utilized concrete slab, concrete columns and masonry bearing walls while the addition was designed using TJI joists, Glu-lam beams, tube steel columns, and 2x6 stud bearing walls. The lateral force resisting system for the addition used light-frame wood shear walls. The foundations consisted of typical spread footings and isolated column footings.

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November, 2014
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