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Caesars Forum Shops Phase 3 Expansion

The Forum Shops represents one of the most elaborate, detailed themed properties in the country.  The 304,000 square foot, Phase 3 Expansion is complementary to the existing Caesars Palace motif – architectural elements of ancient Rome dating between 300 B.C. and 300 A.D.  The sheer expanse of the project’s three-level atrium and close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip created several design and construction challenges.

Structural framing components were carefully sized to ‘disappear’ in the various Romanesque architectural elements including large statues, multiple-stepped soffits, vaulted ceilings and a large 44-foot diameter domed skylight above the atrium.  In the center of the atrium your eyes will be drawn to four mechanical marvels – Mitsubishi’s spiral escalators hovering above a reflecting pool.  But what you don’t see is almost equally impressive.  Lochsa Engineering designed a three dimensional box girder to provide full support for the escalators along their twisting path, eliminating the need for intermediate column supports.  The resulting cantilevered effect adds to the sculptural quality and appearance – so much so it appears that the escalators are floating in air.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$140 Million
End Date: 
February, 2004
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