Structural Designer

Employees with this position have at least one year of industry experience in structural engineering. They should have a basic understanding of structural engineering processes. Structural Designers work directly with licensed Professional Engineers to complete assigned tasks and projects. They should have the ability to work independently once a task has been assigned while checking-in periodically to confirm that their designs are correct and meet the needs of the project. Client interaction and coordination will become a regular expectation in order to complete tasks.


  • A university degree in Civil or Structural Engineering
  • EIT Certificate (is preferred)
  • Understanding task expectations and deadlines
  • Gravity load path
  • Lateral load path
  • Seismic load development
  • Wind load development
  • Wall anchorage design
  • Diaphragm loads and drags
  • Shear Wall designs
  • Snow drift design
  • Wood design
  • Masonry design
  • Concrete design
  • Steel design
  • CFS design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Parapet design
  • Concrete/Masonry anchorage design
  • Shop drawing review
  • RFI responses
  • Test report/ICC report review
  • Ability to communicate with client
  • Email correspondence

Location: Boise

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