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City of Henderson City Hall Complex

Lochsa Engineering provided complete structural engineering design for this $39.5 million expansion, which quadrupled the size of Henderson City Hall, increasing from 56,500 square feet to 283,000 square feet was completed in September 2004. The revitalization of this complex includes an amphitheater, the restoration of a 14-year old city hall and renovation of the civil plaza.

The main building fits between the existing City Hall and Emergency Services Facility. It is a four-story, cast-in-place concrete structure with an aluminum and glass curtain wall. A bridge connects the main building to a 6-story parking garage.  This garage is part of the overall re-modeling of the City of Henderson City Hall complex, which was originally built for 150 employees and now employs over 300 employees.

The garage consists of 5 stories and a partial basement. Within the 192,600 square feet of the garage there are 465 parking spaces. The garage is constructed of post-tension slabs and beams with cast-in-place concrete shear walls. The 2nd level includes an entry plaza and drop-off adjacent to the City Hall Complex with decorative pavers and a fountain.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$39.5 Million
End Date: 
January, 2005
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