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Las Vegas, Nevada

Kendard F. Mize, P.E.

Mr. Mize has practiced civil engineering in both the public and private sectors since 1988. He has been fortunate in being selected to provide professional design and management services for a variety of unique and complex developments. He has provided professional civil engineering design for major commercial and high profile projects which required enhanced project coordination, utilization of the latest technologies and increased attention to detail.

Hani M. Noshi, Ph.D., P.E., CFM

Upon graduating from Cairo University in Egypt, Dr. Noshi practiced multiple civil engineering disciplines to determine which discipline would provide him the greatest career challenge. He applied his education working as a construction engineer, geotechnical engineer, quality control engineer, computer programmer, and hydraulic engineer. It was at the National Water Research Center Dr. Noshi found his niche in hydrology engineering.

David S. Peterson, P.E., S.E., LEED AP

Mr. Peterson has practiced structural engineering in Nevada since 1984 after returning to Nevada upon obtaining a Master of Engineering degree at Cornell University. He joined Lochsa Engineering as a Principal Structural Engineer in 1996. He has worked on a variety of engineering projects ranging from libraries and post offices to aquariums and arenas. Mr. Peterson also specializes in the structural design of high rises and parking garages through his experience in construction administration.


Robert M McEntee, P.L.S.

Originally, Mr. McEntee started as mathematics major at Missouri University of Science and Technology. It wasn’t until the summer of his junior year when he worked for a surveying company that he decided to change gears entirely.

Upon entering into the surveying industry, one of Mr. McEntee’s first projects was providing surveying services on the Metropolitan Building, also known as the Met Square, in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, at 593 ft., it still ranks as the city’s tallest building.

John Zielinski, P.E., S.E.

Like many high school students looking for advice on career options, Mr. Zielinski sought out one of his mentors, his drafting teacher, for answers. Based on his exceptional skills in both drafting and math, his teacher recommended architectural engineering. However, it wasn’t until his second year in college that Mr. Zielinski realized what he was really in for. Working as a contractor’s apprentice on custom home sites during that time taught him lessons that have proven invaluable throughout his career. Today, Mr.

Jason P. Fink, P.E.

Mr. Fink moved to Las Vegas in 2001 upon graduating from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin and began his structural engineering career with Lochsa Engineering. He immediately gained invaluable experience working on various types of project ranging from tenant improvements to the design of the 520’ Palms Place tower. His experience has even led to one of his tower designs enduring the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Ted T. Egerton, P.E.

Mr. Egerton’s decision to enter into the civil engineering profession was family directed. After picking up his older brother’s college physics book and understanding the material, it seemed that engineering was a natural fit.

Mark L. Hedge, P.E.

Mr. Hedge began learning about construction in 1976 at the age of 14 surveying for his father as a part of the rebuilding of Eastern Idaho after the collapse of the Teton Dam. He continued surveying through high school and college on a variety of projects including roads for oil exploration, timber harvest sales, mining claims and property surveys. This experience naturally led him into the field of Civil Engineering.

Kenneth W. (Bill) Karren, Jr., P.E., S.E.

Mr. Karren began learning about construction at the age of twelve helping build his family’s home. He also worked construction while attending college at BYU where he earned his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. He started his engineering career in 1981 working with his Father who is also a structural engineer and decided to obtain a Master of Engineering degree at Cornell.

Guy M. Morris, P.E., LEED AP

Mr. Morris first entered the construction industry while in High School. He worked for a contractor doing wood framing and tile work during his summer breaks. During the school year he would work weekends laminating Formica onto tables and benches for restaurants. He became interested more in the design of these items and decided to enter the Engineering field. During his last two years in High School, Mr. Morris entered the Building Trades vocational school curriculum and supplemented that with taking drafting courses.

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