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Grand Lodge Resort

A bonanza of skiing and outdoor recreational activities awaits guests of the Grand Lodge at Brian Head.  With over 100 guest rooms and suites, a rustic and elegant setting, this 100,000 square foot resort is a great place for pleasure seekers to enjoy fine dining, nightlife and relaxation.

Lochsa Engineering was faced with many unique challenges in renovating this previously vacant property.  In addition to incorporating new architectural features, the existing structure, comprised of concrete and CMU foundations supporting wood framed construction above, had to be strengthened to mitigate and reverse the effects of differential settlement which the building had been experiencing since its original construction.

The structure was temporarily shored and then raised to level the floors.  Working closely with the geotechnical engineer, a new deep foundation system was installed, consisting of helical and push piers, to permanently support the building on a more suitable soil strata.  Grout pressure injection was used to stabilize slab on grade areas and the entire building lateral force resisting system was retrofitted.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
Area Size: 
100,000 SF
$10 Million
End Date: 
October, 2009
Services Performed