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Hard Rock Las Vegas Box Culvert

In 2007, the Hard Rock Las Vegas decided to expand its already successful facility with the addition of two new hotel towers, a parking garage and an extension of the casino low rise.  To accommodate the building expansion an existing open-flow channel on the south portion of the site had to be replaced with a mild reinforced, cast-in-place concrete box culvert that would link up with an existing three-celled box culvert to the north.

In addition to designing the two new towers, parking garage and low rise expansion, Lochsa Engineering’s structural collaborated with the project civil engineer on the design of two new closed box culverts.  One was a two-cell culvert roughly 48-feet wide, 6-feet tall and approximately 600-feet in length.  The other two-cell culvert was approximately 32-feet wide, 6-feet tall and 260-feet in length.  Each culvert was carefully designed for the surcharging effects from the new building construction above in addition to large amounts of soil and landscaping loads.  A walk-thru inspection of the existing box culvert to the north was performed to review its condition and ensure compatibility with the new construction.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$20 Million
End Date: 
May, 2009
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