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Harry Allen Power Plant Access Road

This project converted a gravel access road that serviced an NV Energy turbine facility into a paved access road.  The BLM called on NV Energy to improve their access road because of concerns to the native Desert Tortoise.

Working directly for the general contractor, Lochsa Surveying provided all of the survey construction control staking for a rural access road 2-miles long by 80-feet wide to serve as primary access for a natural gas electric turbine power generation facility. Work included full design survey alignment and topographic services together with the construction survey layout. Civil Engineering design centered around the construction of several drainage structures that were also utilized as tortoise crossings.  The project required extensive coordination with the BLM and Dept. of Wildlife.  Project was completed within 45 working days.

Flood control design efforts included the hydrologic analysis of more than 50 square miles watershed impacting the road.  Hydraulic design for the road ensured acceptable flow velocities and depths across the road, as well as minimal impact on FEMA’s floodplain crossing the road.

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June, 2009
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