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Henderson Quail Aviation Center

This commercial aviation facility developed over three phases and is located on 70 acres of leased land within  the Henderson Executive Airport. The facility contains 250,000 SF of aircraft hangar space and 35,500 SF office space. Hangars will range in size from approximately 4,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet. Lochsa Surveying provided the base mapping for the development of the project along with the entitlement research regarding encumbrances on the site.

This multi-phase project had some grading and drainage hurdles to overcome. The existing site had to be lowered several feet in order to extend the existing aircraft apron. The soil type required extensive over-excavation and remediation in order to handle the loads. The pavement design was also fairly complex because of the soil conditions. The Flood Control team provided the design for drainage facilities to intercept and convey the storm runoff generated by the new buildings and apron areas. The efforts included the design of onsite diversion channels and a storm drain system to convey the offsite flows impacting the airport site. Utility infrastructure had to be brought into the project site from adjacent public utilities. The design had to meet FAA guidelines.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
Area Size: 
$2.5 Million
End Date: 
August, 2009
Services Performed
Flood Control Design: