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Las Vegas Resort Corridor Aboveground Monorail Mass Transit System

 Four miles of single and double rail overhead monorail systems, including switch structures, 300 columns, multiple landing stations and administrative/maintenance buildings.  This is phase one of the Las Vegas Monorail System, which spans from Sahara Avenue on the north to Tropicana Avenue on the south.  As the prime construction surveyor, Lochsa was asked to provide all layout of the proposed facilities with only 1/16 of an inch of tolerance for error.  Lochsa established a very time consuming and tedious network of horizontal and vertical control from one end to the other. Working directly for the prime contractor, we reviewed our procedures and results of data together with all corrections of data via AutoCADD Least squares adjustment routines.
Once the hammerhead was poured, control for the rail hangers were marked on the concrete sometimes as high as 70-feet.  After the rail was placed on the hammerhead, Lochsa as-built the horizontal and vertical position of the rail every 1.5 meters along its centerline utilizing an apparatus designed and constructed by Lochsa. Lochsa also designed and created a report via Excel programming software, which gave true positional value from design to as-built. Elevator shafts and rooms together with landing station columns and facilities were laid out.  Switch structures were set on top of the rail platforms and quality control as-builts for a level surface followed.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$400 Million
End Date: 
June, 2003
Services Performed