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Nevada State College Liberal Arts & Science Building

The first building at the Nevada State College officially designated 550 acre campus, the Liberal Arts and Science Building consisted of 42,000 square foot building on 5 acres. This building consists of a number of classroom, labs, facility offices and support services. The building was oriented to maximize its north-south exposure and fit into the desert environment.

Lochsa Engineering provided the traffic planning and design services for the project. Lochsa analyzed the site to ensure compliance with the master preliminary traffic study commissioned for the entire campus. Capacity analysis was done of the principal approach roads and the critical intersections with US-95 to ensure sufficient capacity on the roadways. Lochsa Engineering was responsible for providing a design for expanding the adjacent roadway, Paradise Hills Drive, and providing a multiuse trail adjacent to the project that will be expanded as the campus is developed

Project Information
Market Sector: 
Area Size: 
42,000 SF
$14 Million
End Date: 
February, 2008
Services Performed