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Panorama Tower Garages

This project includes parking garages correlating with the three tower high-rise residential development overlooking the world famous Las Vegas Strip.  The construction featured two 33-story luxury towers with complementary parking and amenity facilities integrated into the low-rise podium structure.  Each 660,000 square foot tower stands 403-feet above Dean Martin Drive and offers 323 residential units including four penthouse suites. 

Panorama Tower 1  and Panorama Tower 2 garages have their own dedicated low-rise podium structure which includes a 4-story parking garage and retail area.  With a combined area of approximately 352,000 square feet, the  garages offer 615 and 535 parking stalls respectively.  Garage construction consists of cast-in-place columns and shear walls providing support for precast double tees, beams and spandrels.  The two towers and low-rise structures were isolated from each other for both vertical and gravity loads.  The tower is supported on core-drilled cast-in-place concrete piers while the garage is founded on conventional spread and strip footings.

Panorama Tower 3 is a 7-story, 81 foot tall parking garage constructed with cast-in-place columns and shear walls providing support for precast concrete floor double tees, beams, and spandrels, With 540 parking stalls, the garage total square footage is 310,000.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$695 Million
End Date: 
July, 2007
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