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Resorts Casino Atlantic City

A proposed remodel and expansion to this 1920’s casino property presented unanticipated challenges when it was discovered that the concrete base slab intended to support the new promenade, and thought to be slab on grade, was actually a suspended slab over an old steam tunnel.  Further investigation revealed years of corrosion due to exposure to high temperatures, humidity and corrosive chemicals.  The severely deteriorated concrete and reinforcing steel raised serious concerns as to whether the structure was even capable of supporting existing loads let alone the proposed new construction.

Lochsa Engineering, through detailed analysis and detailing, was able to repair and strengthen the structure by using an enlargement technique involving a cast-in-place reinforced concrete jacket installed around existing beams.  Concrete columns were strengthened with high-strength, carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets.  Working together with Structural Preservation Systems, a specialty concrete repair contractor, Lochsa Engineering earned an Award of Merit as recognized by the International Concrete Repair Institute.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
$10 million
End Date: 
June, 2006
Services Performed