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Deschutes County Public Safety Building

The Deschutes County Public Safety Building and 911 Call Center houses county administrative services but also includes state-of-the-art laboratories for the Oregon State Police and other support functions. The building features solar panels that have the capacity to produce 25 Kw of electrical power.

Clark County Wetlands Park and Education Center

The Visitor and Education Center, near the entrance to Clark County’s 2900-acre Wetlands Park, is an excellent example of appropriate and ecologically responsible architecture.  A pier system and flood control berms ensure safety from flash floods by elevating the 30,000 square foot facility above the 100-year flood plain while preserving the natural vegetation.

City of Henderson City Hall Complex

Lochsa Engineering provided complete structural engineering design for this $39.5 million expansion, which quadrupled the size of Henderson City Hall, increasing from 56,500 square feet to 283,000 square feet was completed in September 2004. The revitalization of this complex includes an amphitheater, the restoration of a 14-year old city hall and renovation of the civil plaza.

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