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UNLV Student Recreation Center

With health and fitness so closely related and an aging Student Health Center in need of a major upgrade, the program for the new 185,000 square foot facility was a welcomed addition to the UNLV campus.  Featuring a well-equipped gym, multi-purpose courts, futsal, natatorium, Jacuzzi, health education offices, pharmacy, fitness assessment labs, exam rooms and counseling suites, the new facility

Treasure Valley Community College

Lochsa Engineering provided the structural engineering services for this design/build LEED educational structure. The facility consists of 39,000 SF of classrooms and includes a testing center, video classroom center, lecture hall, administrative offices, student activity offices, faculty offices, chemistry and biology labs, bookstore, coffee shop, and deli.

Terrible Herbst Parking Garage

Lochsa Engineering provided structural engineering services for this pre-cast concrete structure with cast-in-place shear walls. This five story structure was designed for two additional stories of future parking. Over 600 parking spaces are located in the 240,000 SF space.

George E. Wahlen Medical Center

This two phase project; the first phase adds 14,400 SF to the existing facility while remodeling only a portion of the existing floor. The building is classified as “Mission Critical”, per VA standards and is designed for progressive collapse and blast protection.

Rock Creek Dairy Digesters

This Design/Build project consists of six, one million gallon reinforced concrete digester tanks and measures at 86’ diameters by 26’ high. Also included in this project is a 6,150 SF generator housing structure, in addition to a 8,400 SF solids handling building and reception tanks.

Bridger Coal Mine

Lochsa Engineering assisted in the construction administration services for the Bridger Coal Mine expansion. Bridger Coal Co. has gradually expanded its 36 year-old Sweetwater County mine to include underground operations, in addition to its surface mines, making it the county’s largest coal operation.

Nunhems Building Q

Lochsa Engineering provided the structural engineering services for Nunhems new onion bulb processing facility known as “Building Q”. The primary function of this $2.7 million structure is to provide the majority of the company’s local onion bulb storage and umbel drying needs. The Parma, Idaho Nunhems campus serves as the U.S. headquarters.

Idaho Independent Bank

Lochsa Engineering provided construction documents for this six story, steel framed building. This 8,7500 SF project utilizes a braced frame lateral elevator/stair core in place of the conventional concrete core for an economical design.

Greenleaf Wastewater Treatment Plant

Lochsa Engineering provided architectural and structural services for this new wastewater treatment facility in Greenleaf, Idaho. Currently all building structures in the City of Greenleaf are connected to septic tanks and drain fields, which potentially could contaminate groundwater contamination.

Deschutes County Public Safety Building

The Deschutes County Public Safety Building and 911 Call Center houses county administrative services but also includes state-of-the-art laboratories for the Oregon State Police and other support functions. The building features solar panels that have the capacity to produce 25 Kw of electrical power.

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