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The Standards at Charlottesville

Lochsa is the Structural Engineer of Record for this new student housing development at the University of Virginia which boasts a variety of amenities such as a roof-top pool and an adjoined 5-story parking garage. Lochsa's work on the project involved the following:

Brigham Young University Heritage Halls

Lochsa engineered the interior and exterior non-load bearing wall, soffit, and ceiling framing for this multi-unit student housing complex on the campus of Brigham Young University.

Boise State University Honors College Housing

Sitting directly across from the student union, the Boise State Honors College has its first full-fledged home after nearly 40 years of honors programming. Lochsa provided structural engineering services for the new building which offers a variety of living and learning facilities, including dining areas, classrooms, study spaces and housing for 300 honors students.

Northwest Nazarene University Riley Library

Completed in 2015, this project entailed the design and creation of a new library and learning commons that incorporated the structure of an existing building, providing our engineers with an exciting set of challenges.

ASRC-CUNY Science Research Center

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center focuses on five dynamic fields of applied science: Nanoscience, Photonics, Structural Biology, Neuroscience, and Environmental Sciences. Through its state-of-the-art architectural design, the center mirrors a distinctly collaborative culture. 

Clodfelter Road (Desert Hills) Middle School

Lochsa Engineering provided the structural engineering services for the new construction of a 2-story middle school.  

Opening in the fall of 2016, the 110,637 square foot building consists structurally of concrete foundations, CMU walls, steel, and steel stud framing.

West Wendover Elementary

Lochsa Engineering provided the following engineering and design elements for this project: A mixture of CMU bearing/shear walls, steel columns, steel beams, steel girders, light gauge shear/bearing walls, light gauge roof joists, concrete pad and strip footings. The majority of the building is 2 stories, with an elevated mechanical hallway system and a gymnasium.

UNR Residence Hall, Cooper Court - "Peavine Hall"

UNR Residence hall, is a 5 story student housing facility that is approximately 117,000 sq. ft. at the University of Nevada in Reno. 

University of Wyoming, Energy Resources Building

The University of Wyoming’s Energy Innovation Center (EIC) opened in December 2012 to support the University of Wyoming (UW) and the School of Energy Resources (SER) in achieving the mission of positioning Wyoming as a global leader in energy education, research and outreach.  This state-of-the-art research and collaboration facility, includes 27,300 net square feet of highly technical research

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