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The Lochsa Small Business Support Campaign

We started a giving campaign to help local small businesses in this time of need.

Here's our challenge: Purchase 10, $100 gift cards from 10 local small businesses and donate the gift cards to deserving individuals and groups that are currently working the front lines of Covid-19. Then, challenge 10 more companies in the construction industry to do the same. If every company we challenge participates, and also challenges 10 more, we can make a huge impact.

Here are the awesome establishments that Lochsa has chosen to support for this challenge:

  • Fort Street Station
  • Parrilla Grill
  • Homestead Bar & Grill
  • Jalapenos Bar & Grill
  • Richard's Restaurant
  • Hawkins Pac Out
  • Life's Kitchen
  • Red Bench Pizza
  • BBQ 4 Life
  • The Gyro Shack.

Together, we CAN make a difference in the lives around us. If you normally eat out several times a week, order from our favorite restaurants (take out/delivery) or purchase gift cards to be used at a later date. All of the restaurants we purchased gift cards from are open for carry out and/or delivery. Please don't forget about our local businesses.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to let us know how you're giving back, please email Kim: