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Silverhawk Power Plant


Natural gas-fueled power plant located in Southern Nevada 30 miles north of Las Vegas utilizing two combustion turbines to produce electricity.

Las Vegas Resort Corridor Aboveground Monorail Mass Transit System

 Four miles of single and double rail overhead monorail systems, including switch structures, 300 columns, multiple landing stations and administrative/maintenance buildings.  This is phase one of the Las Vegas Monorail System, which spans from Sahara Avenue on the north to Tropicana Avenue on the south.  As the prime construction surveyor, Lochsa was asked to provide all layout of the proposed

Crescent Dunes Solar Plant

Occupying a large portion of 4 sections of land, the 600-foot solar power generating facility located northwest of the city of Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada, will provide renewable energy for Nevada for decades.

Lake Las Vegas

A 3,600 acre development around a 320 acre man-made lake less than 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, consisting of residential (Condominiums, Apartments, and Single Family), commercial (Hotels and Resort Casinos), and open space (Golf Courses and Walking Trails).

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