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UNR Residence Hall, Cooper Court - "Peavine Hall"

UNR Residence hall, is a 5 story student housing facility that is approximately 117,000 sq. ft. at the University of Nevada in Reno. 

Lochsa Engineering provided structural engineering for the light gauge steel stud interior and exterior framing on this project. Lochsa Engineering also produced the shop drawings for the interior and exterior steel stud framing.The Lochsa Engineering, BIM department also created a 350 LOD model that was provided to the contractor and included all of the interior, exterior steel stud wall framing, soffit framing and ceiling no fly zones.

Lochsa Engineers also provided model updates to the contractor for weekly clash detection meetings which were attended by a BIM department manager via, Goto meeting, to address field modifications and changes as required by the clash detection team.

Project Information
Market Sector: 
Area Size: 
117,000 sq. ft.
End Date: 
August, 2015
Services Performed