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Lochsa Engineering provides a number of engineering services. Please explore each service below for further details:

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineers at Lochsa Engineering work on a number of interesting and challenging projects which have pushed the limits of structural analysis and specifications by using the latest structural design tools and software.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering staff at Lochsa provides services on a wide variety of projects, from community design and development to planning, rezoning, annexation plats and much more.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering from Lochsa Engineering provide an extensive range of professional services to both public and private clients, including transportation master planning, demand analyses, and more.


Lochsa Engineering provides full scope surveying, mapping and other related services such as boundary surveys, aerial control, property evaluation and many more.


Lochsa Engineering has been utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) software on projects since 2007. The firm recently added AutoDesk® Navisworks® to its repertoire and is one of a few full-service BIM/3-D modeling providers.


Lochsa Engineering’s Infrastructure division has designed and constructed some of the most unique and challenging utility projects in the United States

Flood Control Design

Our Drainage and Flood Control team is formed by highly skilled professionals with local, national, and international experience. The team has consistently demonstrated a proven ability to optimize cost efficient solutions to challenging problems and issues within the site-specific constraints.

Construction Support Services

Our construction support services include many areas of contractor supplied deferred submittals or construction services, such as surveying layout, concrete forms, temporary scaffolding anchorage, temporary crane loading analysis, fall arrest anchorage, curtain walls, non-bearing exterior walls, seismic bracing of non-structural systems, shoring, pick-points, stair shops, bolted connections, and many, many more.

Project Management

Due to our wide variety of projects and clients, Lochsa Engineering has the experience needed to manage or consult various phases of any given project including, owner representation, agency or peer review, scheduling, governing agency submittals and much more.

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Why Lochsa?

Lochsa’s dedication to practical, engineering design solutions and outstanding client service has earned us the reputation for excellence in the industry. We look forward to making your concept a reality.