Title: Principal
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Education: University of Idaho, B.S.C.E.
Affiliations: National Society of Professional Engineers, American Council of Engineering Companies

Mr. Hedge began learning about construction in 1976 at the age of 14 surveying for his father as a part of the rebuilding of Eastern Idaho after the collapse of the Teton Dam. He continued surveying through high school and college on a variety of projects including roads for oil exploration, timber harvest sales, mining claims and property surveys. This experience naturally led him into the field of Civil Engineering.

After graduating from the University of Idaho in 1985, Mr. Hedge accepted an entry level position at a growing engineering firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. This basic design experience on residential subdivisions and commercial projects allowed him to be qualified to assist opening and managing a new Las Vegas firm specializing in casinos, resorts, educational facilities and larger commercial projects. This valuable management experience resulted in significant experience and confidence resulting in him co-founding Lochsa Engineering in 1995. As a principal with Lochsa Engineering, he participated in the growth of the Las Vegas area as well as the explosion of the gaming industry throughout the United States. Along the way, he assisted Lochsa Engineering in expanding its civil engineering, structural engineering and surveying market throughout the country as well as in the Middle East and Asia. He has designed or supervised the design of numerous residential, commercial, educational, resort, manufacturing and warehouse facilities.