Title: Principal
Location: Boise, ID
Education: University of Idaho
Affiliations: Structural Engineers Association of Idaho (SEAI), Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Idaho Qualifications Based Selection Facilitator Council (QBS), National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying (NCEES), Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau (NWCB), Civil Engineering Advisory Board (University of Idaho)

It was summers spent working on construction sites around Salmon, Idaho during his college years that led Riley to choose structural engineering as his career. The adventure of constructing new things and traveling to new places set the precedent for his existing enthusiasm. Today, with over 22 years in engineering, Riley still thrives seeing the successful completion of a project and knowing he was instrumental in the process to construct a landmark, and provide a valuable product to an owner.

Riley’s breadth of experience spans from assessing structural damage and designing repairs/ retrofits after the Northridge earthquake in Southern California, to seeing the completion of the Las Vegas CityCenter urban design project, the largest privately funded construction project in U.S. history.

Riley is responsible for the design of commercial, institutional, and industrial projects with a focus on seismic retrofit, seismic investigation, specialty theming, and infrastructure/wastewater development. He has developed an extensive network of individuals and companies that are routinely brought together to assist clients in creating successful projects. Riley’s extensive experience has prepared him to provide exceptional service to a wide spectrum of clientele in a variety of environments.