Title: Principal
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Education: Great Basin College  |  Florissant Valley Community College, St. Louis, MO  |  University of Missouri, Rolla
Affiliations: Nevada Association of Land Surveyors

Originally, Mr. McEntee started as mathematics major at Missouri University of Science and Technology. It wasn’t until the summer of his junior year when he worked for a surveying company that he decided to change gears entirely.

Upon entering into the surveying industry, one of Mr. McEntee’s first projects was providing surveying services on the Metropolitan Building, also known as the Met Square, in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, at 593 ft., it still ranks as the city’s tallest building.

Mr. McEntee went on to do calculations for Metro Link, the light rail transit system for St. Louis and the expansion for the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. After the “Great Flood of 1993” Mr. McEntee decided to head for Las Vegas and began with a master planning company.

In 2001, he joined the Lochsa Surveying team where he has gone on to perform surveying services for the Las Vegas Monorail and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health; a challenging and unique project due to the curved steel trellises. Mr. McEntee has been the chief-in-charge of the direction, implementation and administration of survey and mapping services for a wide variety of public and private sector work. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. McEntee’s services include: master planned communities, residential single family subdivisions, commercial subdivisions, hotel condominiums, resort condominiums, residential condominiums, time-share resorts, mega resort hotel/casinos, and high rises.