September 20, 2023

In an exciting announcement, the Beverly Theater has emerged as the recipient of the Best Project in Cultural/Worship at the Engineering News-Record (ENR)Southwest's 2023 Best Projects Awards.


Lochsa Engineering is the Structural and Civil Engineer behind this extraordinary project and proudly shares in the honor of this achievement. Spanning an impressive total square footage of 14,457 sq. ft., including a breathtaking1759 sq. ft. outdoor deck, the Beverly Theater stands as a testament to visionary design and engineering excellence. One of the key highlights of the theater is its retractable seating area, which was meticulously reviewed by Lochsa Engineering's dedicated team. Comprising 151 seats, this feature ensures optimal functionality and comfort for every spectator. The team left no stone unturned when it came to delivering an unforgettable theater experience. Collaboration with the metal manufacturer was also a critical aspect of the project. Lochsa Engineering worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure the seamless integration of metal components, emphasizing the importance of precision and quality in the overall construction.


The ENR Southwest's Best Projects Awards aim to recognize the most exceptional projects in the region, celebrating innovation, quality, and excellence in the field of engineering and construction. Winning the Best Project in Cultural/Worship category is a significant achievement for the Beverly Theater, commending the exceptional work put forth by Lochsa Engineering and its dedicated team. The Beverly Theater's recognition at the ENR Southwest's 2023 Best Projects Awards is a testament to the ingenuity of the individuals involved in its creation. This Award cements the theater's position as a cultural icon, promising unforgettable experiences for generations to come.