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Lochsa Engineering spearheaded the structural design of the Winter Park Workforce Housing project, a vital initiative providing essential accommodation for seasonal resort employees. The project consists of two four-story modular buildings, totaling 192 modules and covering 116,252 square feet. Featuring 288 dormitory-style living units, 44 studio living units, 48 communal bathrooms (equating to 144 shower/water closets), 8 communal kitchen/lounge areas, 2 shared laundry rooms, and 2 offices, this development was meticulously planned to meet the specific needs of its occupants.


Efficiency was paramount in the construction process, with a strong emphasis on leveraging the time-saving advantages of offsite construction to ensure a swift and cost-effective on-site assembly. Given the project's location in a remote area near a renowned ski resort with a limited building season, the adoption of volumetric modular construction emerged as a strategic solution. The selection of building materials and operating systems prioritized longevity and sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient features such as LED lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, Energy Star-rated appliances, paint, and HVAC systems.


Interior design elements were chosen for their durability, while exterior finishes were applied on-site to enhance the project's aesthetic appeal. By focusing on cost reduction and time efficiency, the construction timeline was successfully optimized, with Building 1 installed in just 9 days in May 2023, followed by the installation of Building 2 in a mere 4 days.


Lochsa Engineering won the 2024 MBI Awards of Distinction (Honorable Mention) for this project.