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JUMP—or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place—is a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise. JUMP is both a place and thing—a lively fusion of environment and experiences designed to help spark talents and interests you may not even know you have. Here, anyone can explore, learn and tinker in the activity studios, collaborate and celebrate in the gathering spaces, or relax in the park or amphitheater. All the while enjoying a kaleidoscope of ever-changing and inspiring activities.

Lochsa Engineering’s, BIM department created a 350 LOD model that included all of the concrete work as well as the GFRC exterior facade for the project. The concrete modeling included two levels of underground parking, 4 levels of above ground parking, a circular ramp to all floors of parking, and 5 levels of meeting areas. Lochsa Engineers also provided model updates to the contractor for weekly clash detection meetings which were attended by a BIM department manager via, Goto meeting, to address field modifications and changes as required by the clash detection team.

Lochsa Engineering also provided construction support for the both the concrete and facade portions of the project.  Lochsa provided shoring analysis for the cast-in-place concrete slabs to be able to simultaneously support concrete pump trucks and two concrete trucks.  Additional engineering included temporary form work support, facade attachments, and various means-and-methods support calculations for the various contractors.

Completed: 2015

Services: Structural, BIM