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Tesla Motors designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles, also known as EV. The Silicon Valley based company produced the first fully electric sports car known as the Tesla Roadster, followed by the Model S, a fully electric luxury sedan. Tesla also markets electric powertrain components to other competitive automakers, such as Toyota and Daimler. Tesla vehicles are require no gasoline and very little service and maintenance. The Tesla Roadster has a range of 245 miles per charge on average, with the top speed of 125 mph and goes from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds.

Tesla’s strategy to promote electric vehicles and make them available to mainstream consumers is to sell the vehicles in a growing number of company-based showrooms and online. Most of the Tesla locations utilize existing facilities which are retrofitted, renovated, and/or remodeled to create an elaborate and urban ambiance. Each project comes with its own challenges as each template is diverse in nature, given the history of some of the structures. Many modifications are required in the structural design and construction of each store to ensure all Tesla store façades and interior experiences are unique and unlike any of the competitor stores.

Lochsa Engineering provides the structural engineering for design, detailing and construction administration services nationwide.

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