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Lochsa is the Structural Engineer of Record for this new student housing development at the University of Virginia which boasts a variety of amenities such as a roof-top pool and an adjoined 5-story parking garage. Lochsa’s work on the project involved the following:

  • Foundation Design for the entire structure including that of a 5-story precast concrete parking structure.
  • Structural Design for the superstructure which includes areas for retail, residential, amenities, and common spaces.
  • Prepare full set of Structural Construction Drawings for the entire structure – except the precast concrete parking structure.
  • Provide Administration Services during construction. This includes:
  • Attend weekly phone conferences with owner/contractor and design team.
  • Review of specified material submittals.
  • Review of independent inspection reports.
  • Review of deferred design submittals.
  • Respond to contractor’s requests for information.
  • Respond to field modifications as requested by the owner or architect.
  • Respond to field repairs and prepare remedies as required.

The project budget was approximately $50 million with an 18-month construction time frame.

Completed: 2018

Services: Structural, BIM